The Kuelap Platform

Kuelap is your modern financial services platform

Kuelap is the modern solution that credit unions and financial institutions need today and for the future: a digital financial services platform, made for mobile, including a secure, full-featured core banking system, all built for ease of use and cost-effective sustainability.

Digital Financial Services

The Kuelap platform is integrated with payment processors and other service providers.

For providers, the platform is a single point of contact. For you, it opens the world of digital financial services.

Made for Mobile

We lead the global revolution in mobile financial services.

We’ve invested our knowledge into Kuelap to give you a “mobile first” platform, where mobile devices are a primary method of interaction.

Core Banking

Kuelap includes a modern core banking system. Savings, share, individual and group loan accounts. Teller operations, shared branching, customer self-service and ATM integration. Accounting, employee roles and permissions, workflows and more.

Lower Costs, Higher Revenue

IT and operational costs are 50% lower with digital services compared to conventional services. With new digital financial services to offer, you can expand your fee and revenue base.


Kuelap is built from the ground up for security. It runs on Google’s Cloud Platform, supported by a world-class security team, $8 billion a year in cloud investment, and SOC 2 & 3, ISO 27001, and PCI DSS 3.0 audits.


The system is fail-proof, with multiple redundant backups. Kuelap is always online, with 99.95% uptime. It’s always available offline, with an Offline-First architecture. And it’s always current and complete, with no transaction ever dropped.


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Sustainability and Financial Inclusion

Kuelap makes maintaining financial services and financial inclusion self-sustaining. The old model of financial services used by credit unions and micro-finance institutions to address financial inclusion challenges reached its limits, with technology that was often custom or one-off, and costs that were too high, access too hard, and innovation too slow. Working with the global thought leader for financial inclusion, the Mifos Initiative, Kuelap leads with a new model that has learned the lessons of the past and provides easy, low-cost, mobile delivery of digital financial services.

The Kuelap Digital Financial Services Platform grew out of work based on Apache Fineract. Kuelap allows financial institutions to focus on your customers instead of increasingly unwieldy and unsuitable old technologies, and our revenue-sharing model means the Kuelap Platform will sustainably pay for itself.

For credit unions, financial institutions, and Kuelap, providing low-cost mobile access and growing to achieve full financial inclusion is essential. The world has made substantial progress, and the number of financially excluded people was reduced from 2.5 billion to 2 billion in just the past three years, but there is more for us to do to reach the next billion.
Read the Financial Inclusion White Paper

Digital Financial Services Platform

With our commitment to increasing access and addressing financial inclusion, we built everything that’s necessary into Kuelap. Far more than a core banking system alone, all the other needed functionality is included. No additional pieces or add-ons are needed.
Read the Kuelap White Paper

About us

Our Team


  • Paul Maritz is the Chairman of Kuelap. He previously served as Executive Vice President at Microsoft, the third-highest position at Microsoft after Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer. He has also served as Chief Strategist of EMC, CEO of VMware, CEO at Pivotal, and Chairman of
  • Craig Chelius is the CEO of Kuelap. He co-founded Primus and took it public, served on the executive team of multiple technology startups, launched Mifos Generation 2, and served as the Executive Director of
  • Markus Geiss is the Chief Technology Officer of Kuelap and its Chief Architect. He also serves on the Apache Foundation Project Management Committee.
  • Dayna Harp is the Director of Associations for Kuelap. She has spent a lifetime in the credit union community serving as staff, consultant and CEO.

Our world class team combines deep expertise in building powerful software with years of financial inclusion experience from