Transforming Digital Financial Services

Our vision is the transformation of the entire financial landscape.

Digital financial services, DFS, have unleashed a period of tremendous creativity, disruption and innovation, as proven by the success of new fintech companies and applications in niche after niche.

We believe that DFS will enable new products and services, greater agility, increased security and reliability, more transparency, and lower costs.

Leading a Global Standard

Our mission is to lead a global standard for the delivery of DFS.

Revolutions in technology, from the railroad to the telephone to the computer, start with a ferment of innovations. But what turns a new technology into a fully developed, transformative new reality is the development of standards.

To that end, we have defined a DFS architecture, developed an open source DFS framework, and put it under Apache Software Foundation governance.

Sustainability for Financial Inclusion

Our objective is to make financial inclusion self-sustaining.

The current model of financial inclusion has reached its limits. The technology is often custom or one-off, and costs are too high, access is too hard, and innovation is too slow. Working with the global thought leader for financial inclusion, the Mifos Initiative, we developed a new model. It allows for the fast, low-cost mobile delivery of digital financial services.

We are now building a Digital Financial Services Platform, DFSP, based on Apache Fineract. The DFSP will allow banks and others to focus on their customers instead of their increasingly unwieldy and unsuitable IT, and our revenue-sharing model means the DFSP will sustainably pay for itself.

The Team

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