Kuelap Connect is our fast, mobile-first, low-cost digital financial services platform, built on Apache Fineract CN. Kuelap Connect provides a full range of financial transaction and core banking capabilities, and scales to serve billions of users.

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Innovation Ecosystems

Our innovation ecosystems are launching in Aruba, Jamaica, Trinidad, The Gambia, and Indonesia.

Ways to build on the Kuelap Connect Platform

  1. Build your app on top of the Kuelap Connect Platform. As an example, Dreamsave had a great idea: a mobile app for village savings groups in rural Africa. Village savings is a particular methodology for both loans and savings, widely used in Africa.  By using Kuelap Connect, they stayed focused on their value add and won the Wireless Innovation Project Award for 2017.  We provide the platform, you provide your value and connect with people who need your services.
  2. Build alongside by designing an integration with our platformRegology is a regtech solution using the Kuelap Platform. With it, powerful new tools are being built for collaborations between banks, fintech, and regulators. The solution is for the banking institutions, not the consumers, so their business model is to integrate with the platform.
    Since Kuelap Connect is API-first and open source, this is easily done.
  3. Build your own customizations or plugins to our microservices.BTPN is a bank in Indonesia that offer Sharia-compliant loans to women. Sharia loans comply with Islamic regulations concerning the lending of money. BTPN-S is building their own Sharia plug-in, which runs inside the Kuelap Connect Platform.

    Events and Conferences

The Kuelap team attends frequent conferences and events, continually reaching out and connecting with current and new partners.

Upcoming in early December, we’ll be presenting at TECH BEACH .

Recently we gave presentations at the ATECH Conference in Aruba, at the 3rd MSBM Conference on Business & Management: “Driving Transformation-Finance, Enterprise Development & Wealth Creation” in Jamaica.

For Developers

To build an app on top of the Kuelap Connect Platform

  1. Join the developer community and start developing at
  2. You can just start working with our API at
  3. A java wrapper to our APIs
  4. …we have a sandbox you can use to test your Apps at  
  1. You want to integrate your existing software with Kuelap, devlop alongside Kuelap Connect)
    1. Go to the api and start building 
    2. If in Java, you can access our API from API, if writing In PHP or ruby, create your own wrapper to write to our microservices
  2. You want to build plug-ins or customizations, new modifications, features or capabilities for the Kuelap Connect platform.
    1. We offer a template project (for a java based microservice ) you can download, and

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