Today we celebrate the 70th Anniversary of International Credit Union Day. This year we focus on the empowerment and bright future of the Credit Union movement.

We know credit unions make genuine and meaningful changes in people’s lives. And as indicated by this year’s theme, members are able to find their platinum lining in credit unions. 


We are especially excited to celebrate the beginning of a new era for the Credit Union movement. The Credit Union movement is entering the digital era,  propelling themselves light years ahead by making the digital transformation and creating opportunities to engage with members in a more meaningful way. Credit unions exist to serve their members and we exist to serve credit unions and other financial cooperatives.

Credit unions continue to build impactful relationships with members by utilizing new technologies.  These technologies to accelerate credit unions are here now. We want to provide more and more people with access to their platinum lining.  The Kuelap vision, and the credit union mission, have come together in the Kuelap platform. Kuelap Connect is a complete solution built around a modern core banking system, aimed to support the digital financial services your members want and need.  

We invite  you to join us in a celebration of the incredible achievements of the Credit Union movement, and to look to the promising digital future of credit unions.

Happy International Credit Union Day!

The Kuelap Team.