It is really is hard to ignore the mass migration to cloud computing. Today, over 50% of US enterprises are utilizing the public cloud to some degree, and this trend is set to accelerate, with Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) growth at 40%. It seems that all enterprises are reinventing themselves through “digital transformation.” The low cost and easy setup have enabled companies to focus on differentiating their business, rather than setting up infrastructure. We are now at the point where organizations across every industry are looking to stay competitive by introducing bimodal IT strategies, where the need to run the business (mode 1) has to coexist with the fast-changing and innovative initiatives (mode 2). Mode 2 is based on best practices that have been gleaned from companies such as Facebook, Netflix and Twitter, and are using continuous delivery, immutable containers and microservices to help achieve the elastic scaling capabilities needed to cater for an unpredictable competitive landscape. The sense of urgency is palpable: adapt, and adapt quickly or die.