During the Coronavirus crisis, people may be distancing from each other, but they are not distancing from their mobile devices. In fact, people are using their mobile phones and computers more than ever before as the world navigates remote work and social distancing. 

The widespread ownership and use of mobile devices offer a unique opportunity to stay engaged with financial cooperative members, and a medium to offer continued financial services. 

Every person has a mobile phone, and every financial transaction can be digital. In this sense, every phone can be a bank, and every person can have access, and every financial service can be just a mobile app. 

With digital solutions built with a mobile-first focus, cooperatives will be able to easily serve their customers remotely. 

Cooperative members can be efficiently and easily served, without having to stand in line at the branch, and you can reach new members where they are: on their phones.

The solution: Kuelap is mobile-first

The Kuelap platform is designed to be mobile-first, where the mobile device is the primary method of interaction.

Our platform works the same way on a phone, a tablet, a laptop, or an office PC. There are no distinctions and no artificial boundaries.

We provide client-facing apps on smartphones and feature phones, agent and employee-facing apps on mobile phones, and tablet apps for paperless fieldwork.

Financial services are the lifeblood of an economy, so it is critical for financial cooperatives to be able to continue offering their services in times of crisis.  The capacity for continued services relies on mobile technology.