Digital Transformation

Our team has handled hundreds of system conversions, mergers and enhancements. We are customer-centric and collaborative, and we bring all that experience to our work with you.

Traditional systems often require you to conform to their technical constraints. Instead, Kuelap Connect is highly configurable. We’ll work to learn your requirements and make Kuelap Connect conform to your organization, not the other way around.

Collaboration & Communication

We take a collaborative approach to system migration. Our integrated multi-disciplinary team and your conversion team will work together.

We will meet with you, starting with your senior management team, to ensure that our approach and philosophy are aligned with yours. We won’t begin the project until we have a jointly agreed upon methodology for deployment and success.

We will then meet with every department and branch office, to assess your current workflows and your desired future workflows. We will incorporate our findings into our system configuration plan. We will also identify and recommend operational areas where Kuelap Connect can help you streamline.

Knowledge Transfer

We believe that it is vitally important for an organization to be self-sufficient and sustainable. For a successful system change, we leave you a knowledge base for onboarding future staff.

We use both a “Train the Trainer” approach and hands on training. We’ll leave you with training toolkit. We’ll keep it up to date with Kuelap Connect advances and new functionality, so it will always be current.

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