Kuelap Connect, delivered as a service, is a complete digital banking solution that is configurable to your needs, easy to deploy, and accessible anywhere.

Cloud delivery

Cloud delivery is more secure, with better performance, and higher reliability than on-premise
  • 100% uptime reliability with multiple redundant data centers
  • Continuous backup in real-time
  • Immediate disaster recovery

Built for security first, using the Google security architecture: a three-tiered, seven-layer security model, applied to the data center & Kuelap

  • Physical security: premises, people, and devices
  • Data security: data in transit, data at rest, code
  • Process security: threat monitoring

High performance design, with:

  • Every institution has a dedicated, separate system
  • Unlimited capacity available as needed for high performance
  • Constant 24×7 automated and attended system monitoring

Digital core banking

Best practice core banking
Integrated general ledger
  • Kuelap provides a national-standard chart of accounts, and it can be customized as needed
  • All transactions and journal entries flow through a fully integrated general ledger in real time
  • All accounting and financial reports are always accurate and current
Complete product portfolio
  • Deposit accounts: savings, term, chequing, share accounts and dividends
  • Loans: loan products with configurable term, interest, fees, loss allowance, and collateral security
  • Teller cash-in, cash-out, and disbursement
Customer record
  • Integrated customer record captures every loan, deposit, transaction, and customer update in real time
  • Customizable database and custom fields for full CRM
  • Government and biometric identity records

Regulatory compliance

Uniform, consistent controls and policies for regulatory compliance and business best practice
Reporting & data analytics
  • Complete data warehouse for access to every data field and record
  • Standardized reports included, plus reporting engine for unlimited custom reports
  • Interactive dashboard for data queries and data visualization
  • Customizable regulatory reports and integration with regulatory reporting portals
Audit trail & data retention
  • Audit trail captures every transaction and every change
  • Continuous real-time backup with full preservation of complete history
  • You own all your data, and it’s always available to you
Compliance & control
  • Define employee roles and permissions to meet your business rules
  • Full operational control: branches and headquarters, policies, and approval workflows
  • Customer on-boarding workflow and monitoring, as required for KYC/AML

Mobile delivery

Any device, anytime, anywhere
Any device

Kuelap Connect is used with the Chrome browser, so you can use:

  • Any PC
  • Any tablet
  • Any smartphone
Office or mobile data

Kuelap Connect does not require office quality internet. It is optimized for mobile data, including 3G, so you can use Kuelap Connect anywhere, at anytime.

Remote access

Some branches and field operations have to work with intermittent or even nonexistent Internet access. With Kuelap Remote, the bank can serve customers even without internet access, and all transactions will be synced when the internet is available.

Fintech innovations

Access to the expanding world of payment services and fintech innovations
Payment services

Kuelap connects you to payment processors, national switches, and mobile money providers because the Kuelap platform meets national regulatory, security, and transaction processing requirements.

Fintech apps

You can choose from the large marketplace of fintech innovations, because of Kuelap Connect’s use of global, open standards.

Fast and easy access

You have immediate access to all the connected payment services and fintech apps. There is no need to build custom connections and no waiting.