In times of crisis,  many of us are plagued with concern for the ability to continue providing business offerings. This worry strikes us in the current climate, creating a sense of lack of stability. But there are solutions to create stability during times of uncertainty. 

Financial services are essential to the health of an economy, so it is important for financial cooperatives to maintain the ability to serve customers.

Continuing to serve your members requires coops to be able to access core operations remotely. This is possible with digital-first cloud delivery solutions. 

Cloud computing creates an opportunity for coop employees to connect with their users directly, without either party physically entering the branch. Digital services maintain customer relations anywhere and anytime through cloud computing. 

Cloud delivery is designed for dependability, better performance, and higher reliability than on-premise. With cloud delivery solutions, coops will be able to continue accessing data and core operations necessary to serve members through a highly secure system. 

The solution: Kuelap offers cloud delivery 

Kuelap Connect’s global cloud infrastructure provides world-class security, continuous operations, and instantaneous disaster recovery – a level of performance that is unattainable with any on-premise deployment.

As the stay-at-home order continues, members and employees alike are not able to enter their physical branches. Cloud delivery solutions like Kuelap Connect are always in operation, even if coops are closed.  

Kuelap Connect is always available and reliable, and no operation or transaction is ever lost.  The platform is always in operation and accessible from any mobile phone, laptop or tablet. With Kuelap Remote, even if you struggle with intermittent internet connectivity, the bank can continue serving its customers, and all transactions are synced when the Internet is available.

New solutions often come with some hesitance and apprehension of a learning curve. Easy to deploy solutions allow you to continue serving members with simple set-up and immediate availability. Kuelap Connect is delivered as a service –  just turn it on and start using it. There are no up-front licensing or installation costs, no data lock-in, and lower overall IT costs. 

Stay tuned for more tips on how to continue serving your members during this time of crisis and invest in solutions guaranteed to ensure business longevity.