Kuelap menghadirkan transformasi digital sehingga Anda dapat melayani permintaan anggota akan layanan berbasis aplikasi seluler dan fintech, memenuhi persyaratan peraturan terbaru, mengatasi biaya yang tinggi, serta kesulitan sistem lama yang tidak fleksibel.

The fintech coop

Meet member demands for new services with connections to digital payment systems and fintech apps.

Kuelap provides fintech services:

  • Easy selection and connectivity to a world of fintech apps
  • A single point of connection to national payment systems
  • Global open standards for data transparency and compatibility

The mobile coop

Engage with a new, mobile-centric generation of members. 

Kuelap delivers mobile-first technology and training:

  • Apps for your members, employees, and agents
  • A system that works on any tablet, computer or mobile device, whether online or offline
  • Customer access when, where and how they want it, whether in person or in the field, online or on mobile

The regulated coop

Meet the ever-increasing demands of regulators and management for transparency. 

Kuelap provides:

  • Regulatory reports and adherence to KYC and AML requirements
  • A unified repository for all your data, and an integrated general ledger
  • A reporting and business intelligence portal, and a comprehensive reporting system

The digital coop

Fintech innovations, mobile delivery, and regulatory compliance are beyond the capabilities of today’s obsolete and inflexible systems.

Kuelap delivers the digital foundation:

  •  A modern core banking platform that is delivered as a service
  • Training in national best-practice business processes
  • Certification for coops that complete the transformation