Kuelap Connect’s cloud native architecture is highly reliable, massively scalable, very secure, and readily adaptable.

Cloud native architecture

The Kuelap architecture uses global open standards throughout, and follows cloud native software best practice.
World-class design

Kuelap has built its platform from the ground up as a modern, cloud-native architecture, rather than just lifting and shifting a traditional core banking system into the cloud.

  • Domain-driven design
  • Microservices
  • API-first
  • CQRS (Command and Query Responsibility Segregation)
Open, global standards

Kuelap Connect is built on an enterprise-class, open source, software stack. The stack uses software developed, maintained, and proven by the world’s leading cloud software companies for high availability,  reliability, and security.

Highly reliable

The Kuelap architecture ensures that your data is never lost, and the platform is always available. If you lose your connection, the platform is still operating and your data is available as soon as you reconnect.
Platform availability

Kuelap Connect is always available and reliable.

  • Multiple redundant data centers
  • No single point of failure
  • 100% uptime reliability
Data integrity

Kuelap Connect captures every operation and every event. No transaction is ever lost.

  • Continuous, triply-redundant backup in real-time. No need for discrete, time-separated back-ups
  • SQL database stores structured data elements
  • CQRS event queue and NSQL database capture every event
Business continuity

Kuelap Connect is always in operation, even if your coop is closed due to loss of power, intermittent internet connectivity, or natural disaster.

  • Immediate disaster recovery
  • Available from battery-powered mobile phones, laptops, or tablets
  • Connections via office internet or mobile data

Massively scalable

With Kuelap’s high performance design, the platform can scale out, not up.
  • Independent microservices, each running in its own container
  • Multiple server instances
  • Separate tenant for every institution
  • Cloud native components from Google, Netflix, Facebook, and others which are built and tested for extreme scalability environments

Very secure

Kuelap Connect is built for security first, using the Google security architecture pattern. We use a three-tiered, seven-layer security model.
Physical security
  • Premise
  • People
  • Device
Data and code security
  • Data in transit
  • Data at rest
  • Code security
Process security
  • Operational monitoring

Readily extensible

We use global best practice for innovation

The API-first architecture allows rapid development, and stable integration with third-party applications.

Domain-driven design & microservices

Kuelap’s domain-driven microservice architecture allows updates and changes to any one microservice without changing any other microservice, and without any downtime or service interruption.


Innovators, using our APIs and microservices architecture, have three ways to add new ideas, depending on the type of service and the user – business or consumer.

  • Add new consumer services via mobile apps
  • Extend the functionality of Kuelap Connect with 3rd-party system integrations
  • Customize  Kuelap Connect by adding new core functionality in the platform itself